School Outings

School Outings

School outings at SWVG


We have put in place an educational program that would be suited to children from Grade R – Grade 7.

We are delighted that Tracy Elliott, who previously taught at Somerset House, will be heading up this program.


Educational outings

At the Community Vegetable Garden, we will be showing the children how vegetables grow, what their needs are and how to look after them. How compost is made and how important insects big and small are in maintaining a healthy environment for organic vegetables to grow.

The program includes a practical, hands-on learning experience in small groups, and a guided tour of the garden where we will impart values such as respect for nature, and a love of healthy eating that will serve young students well for the rest of their lives.

From April 2019, school outings will be held on Wednesday from 09h30-11h30.

Tours for school staff can also be arranged. The charge is a donation of 1 large jar of peanut butter per child which will be used in the feeding scheme for the people working in the garden.

To book an outing or for more detailed information about the program contact us below

Somerset West Village Garden Harvest Day

Every Tuesday

9am – 11am

Somerset West Village Garden Educational Outings

Every Wednesday

9.30am – 11.00am

A special thank you to our sponsors

We are enormously grateful to our sponsor and partners, without whom we would be unable to continue.