Pak Choi and Noodle Soup

Pak Choi and Noodle Soup



  • 1 Litre Chicken Stock
  • 1 tsp Fresh Root Ginger Finely chopped
  • 1 small Red Chilli de-seeded and chopped finely
  • 1/2 Juice of one Lime Squeezed
  • 1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
  • 50 g Chestnut Mushrooms
  • 2 Pak Choi heads or leaves
  • 150 g Egg Noodles Thin
  • A kettle full of boiling water
  • 2 tbsp Coriander Chopped


  1. Put the stock, ginger, chilli, lime juice and light soy sauce in a large saucepan. Simmer for 5 minutes over a moderate heat.

  2. Stir in the mushrooms and pak choi and continue cooking for another 5–7 minutes or until the green stems are cooked but not soggy.
  3. Place the noodles in a bowl and pour boiling water over them. Stir to separate the strands and then leave to soak according to the packet instructions. Drain off the water and divide the wet noodles between four warm bowls.

  4. Top up with the soup and decorate each bowl with chopped coriander.